Grazer Kunstverein is moving, Graz, AT
April, 2021

PZI Grad Show, Rotterdam Archive Building, Robert Fruinstraat 52, Rotterdam, NL
Nov. 27, 2020 (postponed)

Tempest Gourmant, participation at Haus, Vienna, AT
digestivo w/ Pedro Herrero Ferrán,
Sept. 21-27, 2020

A voice can only break a glass that already has a crack in it, Graaf Florisstraat 106, Rotterdam, NL
digestivo w/ Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir
July 22-26, 2020

The Gate The Porous

Spoil Conduct, Available and the Rat, Rotterdam, NL
Duo Show w/ Lucía Bayón Mendoza
March 7-22, 2020

Open Studios, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, NL
Feb. 9, 2020

Short pieces that move, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, NL
publication by MFA of PZI, with introduction by Kate Briggs, ed. 200
Launch event on Jan. 31, 2020

Colofonia líquida y saliva, Bree 13b, Rotterdam, NL
digestivo w/ María Nolla Mateos,
Dec. 14-15, 2019

Moodring II, Bree 13b, Rotterdam, NL
digestivo w/ Jake Caleb, Jamie Kane, Bernd Krauß, Lucía Bayón Mendoza,
Lukas Meßner, Josie Perry, Petter Dahlström Persson, Daphne Simons, Yanik Soland, Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir,
Nov. 30, 2019

Gruß aus der Küche, Bree 13, Rotterdam, NL
digestivo #1
Oct. 30, 2019

Farmers Salad, Kunsthuis SYB Beetsterzwaag, NL
Residency and Event w/ Jake Caleb, Yanik Soland, Bernd Krauß, Jamie Kane, Lucía Bayón Mendoza, Lukas Meßner,
Josie Perry, Petter Dahlström Persson, Daphne Simons, Josie Perry, Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir
Sept. 30, 2019

Thoreau vs. Pasta, Club of Mult, Plawenn, IT
Residency w/ Gianmaria Andreetta, Antonia Brown
Aug. 5-11, 2019

Bucolic views

TAKE NOTE SOFT Hands SOFT hands, Kiosk, Rotterdam, NL
Event initiated by Rachel Schenberg, w/ Jake Caleb, Olga Hohmann, Lukas Meßner,
Lucía Bayón Mendoza, Josie Perry, Petter Dahlström Persson,Yanik Soland, Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir
Publication ed. 50
Nov. 23, 2018

Ants and Crickets, Dappie, Amsterdam, NL
w/ Joakim Derlow and Gianmaria Andreetta
Oct. 13-21, 2018

         Lieder von, Türen und Algen; 2tunnel, 2018

2tunnel, Galerie am Polylog, Wörgl, AT
solo show, curated by Günther Moschig
Jun. 28 - Aug. 4, 2018

Notes from hunters, Clermont NY, US
Residency at Residency108
Oct. 22 - Nov. 8, 2017

Dopo Sole, Claes Claesz Hofje, Amsterdam, NL
event w/ Gianmaria Andreetta
Oct. 15, 2017


digestivo w/ Lucía Bayón Mendoza